What do I on my nights off from London escorts

By | September 5, 2018

I am sure that many of my dates wonder what I do when I have a night off from the cheap London escorts service of https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts  that I work for during the week. Most top girls don’t work during the weekend, and I must admit that I like to keep the weekend for my own personal guilty pleasures. Just like a lot of other escorts in London I have some hobbies which other may think are unusual. One of my favorite hobbies is going to Swingers parties in London with some of my other friends from the cheap London escorts I work for Monday to Friday.


One do many of us go? Well, first of all we are talking about safety in numbers. Secondly, I know that many of the girls who work for our cheap London escorts service consider swinging to be the perfect night out. It gives you a chance to get rid of all of your frustration and truly let go. Besides, I really like sucking cock and there are some amazing cocks at the parties that I go to on a Saturday.


The other girls at our cheap London escorts service has other fetishes, but I love  this thing they call the Wall of Cocks at our party. It is simply a wall with holes drilled in it. That is large enough for a cock to fit through. Anyway, you go down on your hands and knees, and find the cock that you like. I find it really kinky, and I make it a big kinkier myself by inserting one of my favorite dildos before I start sucking.


This one Saturday night, I was feeling really horny and I could tell looking at my colleagues from our cheap London escorts service, that they were really horny as well. As all the girls from our cheap London escorts were in what I could only call a cock sucking mood, we headed straight for the Wall of Cocks. I was soaking and one of my bisexual colleagues helped to insert my dildo before I got down to sucking. I knocked on the wall, and this huge great big cock came from, and I started to suck it.


That night, I was only wearing a pair of stockings with stilettos as my outfit plus my nipple rings , and I think that my big boobs turned someone on. All of a sudden I felt my hips were being grabbed, and someone pulled out my dildo. I was sucking like mad at the time, so I could not turn around and look. However, soon I felt myself being penetrated by another huge great big cock, and being fucked really hard. He was calling me a good girl and said that he loved seeing my big boobs slapping. I was all full up with cock, and as I let the guy who had his cock through the Wall of Cocks, spunk over my tits, I felt myself come. It was amazing and now I am sure that you appreciate why girls from our cheap London escorts service like Swingers parties.

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