Cheap Escorts Talk About Unwanted Gifts

By | January 20, 2019

The likelihood is that all of us have been given some kind of Christmas gift that we did not want. It can be harder to find a new home for that unwanted Christmas gift when it is a little bit sexy, or perhaps even kinky. This year, I was given two vibrators for Christmas. Both of them came from my London escorts dates. One of the was a really fancy remote control one so I may just keep that one. The other one I do need to find a home for and I may just try eBay.

My London escorts dates normally really like to spoil me around Christmas time. Most of the gifts are of perfume and body lotions. But, some of my London escorts dates are even more generous. They buy me jewellery or designer handbags. It is nice to be spoiled around Christmas time. Some of the men date at London escorts also buy me lingerie. It is okay, but to be honest, most of them really don’t have such great taste in lingerie. Flipping lingerie can be more difficult. To make it easier, I make sure that I leave any lingerie that I get in its packaging.

What about doubling up on stuff? Often I end up with doubles of a certain brand of perfume or body lotion. When you work for a London escorts service, you really can’t have enough of that kind of stuff so I always keep that. However, if a gent has bought me a perfume or body lotion which I don’t really like, I often try to find a new home for it. Perhaps one of the other girls at cheap escorts may even like it, and we can do a swap.

I have a couple of gents I date at London escorts who have been patrons of our cheap escorts service for a long time. They often like to take me shopping and stuff like that. That is lovely, and when Christmas is over, I normally end up going through my wardrobe. I am not that sort of girl who likes to throw away stuff. Instead, I get all of my old clothes together and sell them off down at our local car boot sale. It makes me some extra money, and I have fun doing it as well.

How do you spend the money which you receive from the sale of any unwanted Christmas presents? Most of the time, it is not enough money to put in the bank. Instead, I put in with the cash I receive as tips at London escorts. Come October time, I start to check out how much I have in my little jar. Normally I have enough money to pay for a Christmas holiday. A few days before Christmas I take a week off and go away with a couple of the other girls from our cheap escorts service. We spend a week in the sunshine in the Caribbean and return to London escorts at the start of the New Year. Nothing is better than some winter sunshine.

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