Are Female escorts psychic

By | July 30, 2019

I date a lot of London escorts in and sometimes I wonder if the hot babes are psychic. After all, they seem be escorts and finding out what I am hankering for. Sometimes, it is like a girl only needs to look at me and she knows what I am after. It is amazing, and is the main reason I date London escorts. Unlike other ladies, they seem to know exactly what I want and what I want to do with my precious hour spent with the hot babes of London.


Is this a bit of London escorts magic? To be honest, I am not so sure. The jury is kind of out on the fact that London escorts are psychic, but I certainly feel that a lot of Female escorts do have a good sense of intuition. It is probably because they are female and i think that most ladies do have a very good sense of intuition. Most of the ladies that I date on a regular basis do know me very well, and I suppose that helps as well.


Personally, I have always been very interested in experiences such as Deja vu, and psychic phenomena. I don’t know where it all comes from but it would be interesting to know. One girl that I date at Female escorts is a Piscean. They say that someone of these star sign is more in touch with the psychic realm than other. Well, Lucy is certainly in touch with the psychic realm, and I believe that she can sense exactly what I need on a date. Not all girls can do that, but Lucy can.


Have I lived a previous life? That is another question that I often ask myself. Sometimes when I walk around London on my way to visit one of my favorite Female escorts, I notice that I get a sense of having been there before. I know that it is called Deja vu but to me it is so much more than that, it feels like I actually know what is going to happen, and that goes for beyond Deja vu. Chatting to one of my favorite girls at London escorts, it is known as premonition and is another one of those senses that we choose to ignore.


I probably sound like a real weird gent to you, but I am not. I have come across a lot of odd things in my life, and I have even spoken to a ghost at a castle in Cornwall. It was a little girl who was running around looking for her cat. It was strange but did not worry me at all. With the help of the current owner of the castle, I was able to find this girl’s cat and we buried the cat. Ever since then, no one has seen the little girl again. Clearly she is now together with her cat.

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